Blue Wing Blitz

I learned of this game's existence through an indie importer's catalogue (remember those?) that had been mailed to me (remember that?) and the potential sale hinged entirely on me being prepared to part with a whopping £50 after seeing|BLUE WING BLITZ |SQUARESOFT|printed within a soulless monochrome Excel table.Luckily for them I was always interested in … Continue reading Blue Wing Blitz


Shining and the Darkness

As someone who’s been absolutely ga-ga over Shining Force II since 1994 it’s more than a little embarrassing to admit that I hadn’t played through series starting point Shining in the Darkness until just last month, but here we are.  I’d like to pretend that this was just down to a fear of running into … Continue reading Shining and the Darkness

Sharing the Love: The Last Remnant Edition

(I'm sure most people reading this will be aware that the following post previously appeared on my old blog; I've reuploaded it here to celebrate/explain what's so great about the game in light of the PS4 (!) remaster (!!) announcement) The Last Remnant is a unique, exciting, and beautiful RPG from what’s now considered the … Continue reading Sharing the Love: The Last Remnant Edition