Seme Com Dungeon Drururuaga

Namco's Druaga is one of those series a lot of players will recognise the name of without having necessarily played any of them, and those that do dare to get a little closer tend to not stick around for long: The earlier games are notoriously vague and unfriendly in that particularly eighties sort of way, … Continue reading Seme Com Dungeon Drururuaga


Barking mad

If my Radiant Silvergun abilities were written up in the style of a school report, I would cross my fingers and hope to be politely described as an "enthusiastic trier" - Kimimi can't do it, bless her, but she's a determined little soul. "Good effort", "Marked improvement", "Making progress", and all of those other affably … Continue reading Barking mad

Back to BASICs

I've always been interested in programming - what eighties kid-nerd wasn't? We were living in the era of bedroom coders transforming into sports car owning superstars apparently overnight and often found ourselves playing games on the exact same hardware others were using to create them. There was a practical side to this knowledge too: In … Continue reading Back to BASICs

Wild Card

The WonderSwan is perhaps best known as the widescreen portable home of excellent and enhanced ports of some of Squaresoft's most famous titles: Final Fantasy I, II, and IV as well as Romancing SaGa, Makai Toushi SaGa, and Front Mission all received a warm welcome on Bandai's handheld, and these remakes/ports are rightly well-regarded for the sheer effort … Continue reading Wild Card

Back to school: An unexpected lesson at Habataki High

  [CONTENT WARNING: Brief mentions of domestic/emotional abuse] Scary games? Pfft. Drop me in a room filled with virtual zombies, giant crabs, or aberrations that have clawed their way up from the depths of Hell itself and I'll have that place cleared out faster than you can say "Actually I prefer the psychological horror found in … Continue reading Back to school: An unexpected lesson at Habataki High