Old is the new new

The heady combination of the relentless passage of time and plain old life in general have lead me to what just a few years ago would've been an unthinkable place: Living in a SCART-less home and without the time, space, energy, or plain old money to keep shelves of increasingly esoteric consoles, computers, and PCBs all … Continue reading Old is the new new


Alisia Dragoon

Alisia Dragoon falls into an awkward part of collective gaming memory, being one of those games with the peculiar invisibility that comes from being available everywhere (immediately losing that import-only allure) and by nobody whose name will earn you any of those all-important nerd points. Gainax's involvement is really more of a "Ah, that's interesting." footnote, Mecano Associates may have … Continue reading Alisia Dragoon

Kimimi, Digital Explorer: Shadowrun Chronicles Edition

It's entirely coincidental, I swear. I'm not some internet Reaper here to cull online games that weren't able to reach their full potential. But just as the last online game I looked at - Wildstar - is due to close by the end of the month it turns out Cliffhanger Productions online Shadowrun adventure is too. Now … Continue reading Kimimi, Digital Explorer: Shadowrun Chronicles Edition