The Difficulty With Difficulty

Long-suffering Twitter followers will know I've been playing a lot Devil May Cry 5 recently, verging on "Hey, would Kimimi even notice if every other game she had went missing?" (For the record: I would, but the police report would have to wait until I decided to take a break from DMC5) levels of potentially unhealthy … Continue reading The Difficulty With Difficulty


The Other 80’s Handheld: The Atari Lynx

  Not so long ago I talked about Sony's PSP, a portable that somehow managed to have a library overflowing with excellent games and sell over eighty million units worldwide but was still considered little more than "the other one" against the mighty Nintendo DS. Proving that history has always been more of a circle … Continue reading The Other 80’s Handheld: The Atari Lynx

Staying safe(ish) in Raccoon City

Resident Evil 2's long-awaited remake is due out soon, the brief demo and tantalising tweets giving every indication that the team behind it are (praise the sun) attempting to do a true-to-the-original reimagining of the Raccoon City incident rather than lazily shoving Leon and Claire shapes into a quick respray of Resident Evil 6, 7, … Continue reading Staying safe(ish) in Raccoon City