Dreamcast’s Nightmare

Even in this exciting modern world of emulators turning what were once cutting edge arcade behemoths into bite-sized bus stop distractions and lovingly packaged re-releases keeping old classics on shop shelves there are still plenty of reasons to make the extra effort and seek out an original experience: To wrap your hands around the Saturn's … Continue reading Dreamcast’s Nightmare

Where is Biohazard going?

First released as a Dreamcast exclusive back in 2000, Code: Veronica has the dubious honour of not only being the other awkward in-between Resident Evil but the first next-gen release in the series, obliging the title to take survival horror into the 21st century even when the real fourth Resident Evil was struggling behind the … Continue reading Where is Biohazard going?

Sit down, shut up

It doesn't take a great amount of effort to have at least some surface-level information about a wide range of games these days: Trailers are highly polished, social media accounts tease upcoming releases with laser-guided precision, and while playable demos aren't quite ubiquitous there's still a real chance anything from the biggest blockbuster to the … Continue reading Sit down, shut up

“You want STARS? I’ll give you STARS!”

I have played a┬álot of┬áResident Evil since the series' debut in 1996: Some I adore, some I quite like, and there's one I can't even bear playing long enough to finish it the once (and no, it's not 6). This third entry has always sat somewhere in the middle for me, never doing anything so … Continue reading “You want STARS? I’ll give you STARS!”

Butt kicking for goodness!

I've been a bit under the weather recently, which means that amongst other things my gaming preferences have temporarily shifted from my usual fare - probably involving intense action whack-'em-ups or diving head-first into weird obscurities that occasionally require a serious amount of effort just to get the damned things running - to games that … Continue reading Butt kicking for goodness!