Ecco the Dolphin PC

It's time to face my fears! I tend to think of Ecco the Dolphin as not merely some old and difficult game but full-on nightmare fuel; lurking under that adorable splashy dolphin exterior, all cute cetacean chirps and wise blue whales, lies a game that is all about slowly suffocating to death while trying to stop … Continue reading Ecco the Dolphin PC


Madou Monogatari I (Game Gear)

Madou Monogatari I, the first game in the series that would go on to spawn the eternally popular Puyo Puyo series, is harder than you'd think to pin down; every version is different from the last, including the ones that are supposed to be more straightforward ports than all-out remakes. Almost thirty years have passed … Continue reading Madou Monogatari I (Game Gear)