New-old is the new… old?

[All credit for this idea goes to the powerful Ant of Gaming Hell, and I'd also like to thank him for proving that there are at least two of us on the planet who want to see legendary nineties gaming magazine Super Play in a more Sega-y form] To say that traditional gaming magazines are … Continue reading New-old is the new… old?


Hyper! Burning Rangers, wow!

Twenty one years ago Burning Rangers took the normally risky business of firefighting and disaster rescue into a visually stunning sentai-esque future, eschewing the standard-issue bulky safety equipment and enormous water-spewing hoses of their Earth-shackled counterparts for personalised skin-tight suits, don't-think-too-hard-about-it sci-fi water pistols, spaceships, and extremely catchy theme songs. These days it's mostly famous for … Continue reading Hyper! Burning Rangers, wow!

Cute animal friends! Adorable derring-do! The casual slaughter of helpless innocents!

Ragnacenty (AKA: "Crusader of Centy" (US), AKA: "Soleil" (EU)) is often referred to as a Zelda clone, a mislabelling that has stood the test of time largely due to a weird logic feedback loop that prevents anyone from actually playing Mega Drive RPGs to check if these oft-parroted assumptions hold any water because "everybody knows" … Continue reading Cute animal friends! Adorable derring-do! The casual slaughter of helpless innocents!

Sakura Taisen: Continuation of the dream

Broadly speaking Sakura Taisen is to Sega what Final Fantasy is to Square-Enix and Pokémon is to Nintendo - a very special all-eyes-on-this event generating sort of series where the slightest whiff of a new release announcement guarantees immediate media attention and huge fan excitement that you can be sure will translate into an awful lot of sales on … Continue reading Sakura Taisen: Continuation of the dream

Returning to Phantasy Star Online 2

Seven years feels like an eternity in online gaming land but that's about how long Phantasy Star Online 2's been around now, quietly outlasting any official version of the legendary Dreamcast-led original you can think of. I can happily report that it's not merely still alive but thriving - regularly receiving sizeable updates, brand-new content, … Continue reading Returning to Phantasy Star Online 2

Sega Ages: Virtua Racing

Nineteen ninety-two. Kirby's Dream Land and Alone in the Dark were brand new and completely unknown games, Zool (that Chupa-Chup hawking Ninja of the Nth Dimension) was parading around like the Amiga had found an answer to Sonic the Hedgehog, Alisia Dragoon left a very positive impression on a young Kimimi, and... Virtua Racing heralded the dawn of a new … Continue reading Sega Ages: Virtua Racing