Symphony of the Night vs BOOKS

Imagining, designing, naming, and then animating a hundred or more enemies for a single game would be an extremely time-consuming task for the most experienced team of skilled artists, even if every single soul in the approval chain agreed they all came out perfect first time. If they decided to take the "easy" way out … Continue reading Symphony of the Night vs BOOKS

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

This is another one that, like Operation Raccoon City, I avoided for the longest time because everyone and their uncle was so damned sure it was the worst Castlevania game ever made and I went with the flow because frankly it was cheaper and easier than spending the time and money to find out for … Continue reading Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Back to school: An unexpected lesson at Habataki High

  [CONTENT WARNING: Brief mentions of domestic/emotional abuse] Scary games? Pfft. Drop me in a room filled with virtual zombies, giant crabs, or aberrations that have clawed their way up from the depths of Hell itself and I'll have that place cleared out faster than you can say "Actually I prefer the psychological horror found in … Continue reading Back to school: An unexpected lesson at Habataki High