Strider Hiryu 2

Arcade gaming at the end of the millennium was an exciting place to be, stained carpets and cheaply laminated floors across the globe covered in a whole range of BeatMania and Dance Dance Revolution machines, Crazy Taxi blaring out a selection of Offspring tracks to anyone in a five mile radius (why is that always the one cabinet you … Continue reading Strider Hiryu 2


Staying safe(ish) in Raccoon City

Resident Evil 2's long-awaited remake is due out soon, the brief demo and tantalising tweets giving every indication that the team behind it are (praise the sun) attempting to do a true-to-the-original reimagining of the Raccoon City incident rather than lazily shoving Leon and Claire shapes into a quick respray of Resident Evil 6, 7, … Continue reading Staying safe(ish) in Raccoon City