Seme Com Dungeon Drururuaga

Namco's Druaga is one of those series a lot of players will recognise the name of without having necessarily played any of them, and those that do dare to get a little closer tend to not stick around for long: The earlier games are notoriously vague and unfriendly in that particularly eighties sort of way, … Continue reading Seme Com Dungeon Drururuaga


Déjà vu with Frane II

[I'm sorry I know it's a flippant title but it's staying and I'm not wrong, so there.] To a Westerner, Falcom's Ys (say "Geese" without the "G"), released so long ago it pre-dates the original Final Fantasy and is only just a smidge younger than official JRPG kicker-offer Dragon Quest has only relatively recently gone from "Oh, you … Continue reading Déjà vu with Frane II

Wild Card

The WonderSwan is perhaps best known as the widescreen portable home of excellent and enhanced ports of some of Squaresoft's most famous titles: Final Fantasy I, II, and IV as well as Romancing SaGa, Makai Toushi SaGa, and Front Mission all received a warm welcome on Bandai's handheld, and these remakes/ports are rightly well-regarded for the sheer effort … Continue reading Wild Card

Farland Odyssey

If you take a quick glance at the screenshots on this page of TGL's 1999 PC exclusive spin-off of their long-running Farland Story/Saga series(s) of SRPGs you could easily be forgiven for thinking that by the time Farland Odyssey came along they'd abandoned all pretence of internal creativity and gone down the dark road of Ys-y knockoff-dom instead, red-haired hero … Continue reading Farland Odyssey