Gaia no Monshou

This little old thing is the first of three HuCard-based strategy games by NCS for the PC Engine, but confusingly the second in its own fantasy trilogy that began with Elthlead (PC-88) and charts the struggles of the good King Sieghart against the dark forces of Böser. If any of those names sound familiar then … Continue reading Gaia no Monshou


Madou Monogatari I (Game Gear)

Madou Monogatari I, the first game in the series that would go on to spawn the eternally popular Puyo Puyo series, is harder than you'd think to pin down; every version is different from the last, including the ones that are supposed to be more straightforward ports than all-out remakes. Almost thirty years have passed … Continue reading Madou Monogatari I (Game Gear)

Sharing the Love: The Last Remnant Edition

(I'm sure most people reading this will be aware that the following post previously appeared on my old blog; I've reuploaded it here to celebrate/explain what's so great about the game in light of the PS4 (!) remaster (!!) announcement) The Last Remnant is a unique, exciting, and beautiful RPG from what’s now considered the … Continue reading Sharing the Love: The Last Remnant Edition