The joy of mechs

Like all the best FromSoftware games, it wasn't until I'd cartoonishly bumbled my way into an impossible-to-continue position and been forced to start over again before I really got the hang of Armored Core 3 Portable. Well, I say "Got the hang of" but it'd be more honest to describe my second go as "It … Continue reading The joy of mechs

Original 3D Polygon Action Shooting

As the title of a blog post "Original 3D Polygon Action Shooting" may not roll off the tongue but it's hard to argue with the accuracy of the description on the front of Geograph Seal's box when it comes to the game in question, delivering as it does explosive full 3D arcade-like action on just … Continue reading Original 3D Polygon Action Shooting

Hyper! Burning Rangers, wow!

Twenty one years ago Burning Rangers took the normally risky business of firefighting and disaster rescue into a visually stunning sentai-esque future, eschewing the standard-issue bulky safety equipment and enormous water-spewing hoses of their Earth-shackled counterparts for personalised skin-tight suits, don't-think-too-hard-about-it sci-fi water pistols, spaceships, and extremely catchy theme songs. These days it's mostly famous for … Continue reading Hyper! Burning Rangers, wow!