Some phrases instantly make my ears prick up and flex my already overworked "Add to basket" clicking finger, and one of those is definitely "Nineties 3D run-n-gun by Konami" - what more is there you need to know about a game you can describe like that other than "How long do I have to wait before … Continue reading Gungage


Guilty Gear Petit 2

You might be forgiven for thinking Guilty Gear Petit 2 looks more than a little familiar - a cute handheld version of a more serious-looking arcade fighter, you say? That's got Neo Geo Pocket written all over it, surely. Not this time! Guilty Gear Petit 2's 2001 release for the WonderSwan Color is entirely unrelated and just … Continue reading Guilty Gear Petit 2

Alisia Dragoon

Alisia Dragoon falls into an awkward part of collective gaming memory, being one of those games with the peculiar invisibility that comes from being available everywhere (immediately losing that import-only allure) and by nobody whose name will earn you any of those all-important nerd points. Gainax's involvement is really more of a "Ah, that's interesting." footnote, Mecano Associates may have … Continue reading Alisia Dragoon