Guilty Gear Petit 2

You might be forgiven for thinking Guilty Gear Petit 2 looks more than a little familiar - a cute handheld version of a more serious-looking arcade fighter, you say? That's got Neo Geo Pocket written all over it, surely. Not this time! Guilty Gear Petit 2's 2001 release for the WonderSwan Color is entirely unrelated and just … Continue reading Guilty Gear Petit 2


Blue Wing Blitz

I learned of this game's existence through an indie importer's catalogue (remember those?) that had been mailed to me (remember that?) and the potential sale hinged entirely on me being prepared to part with a whopping £50 after seeing|BLUE WING BLITZ |SQUARESOFT|printed within a soulless monochrome Excel table.Luckily for them I was always interested in … Continue reading Blue Wing Blitz