Sometimes you start a new game and hope it'll push your skills to the limit, sometimes you want to play something so ambitious it'll upend everything you thought you knew about a genre, and sometimes all you can do is get down on your knees and pray the adventures of a schoolgirl with the powers … Continue reading CATBLOBS FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION

Twenty five for twenty five

A surprise list appears! But don't panic - you will believe what number seven looks like now and fifteen is unlikely to shock you - what's happened here is I'm very short on time, would very much like to write something before I probably disappear from my blog for a week or so (if not … Continue reading Twenty five for twenty five

A devil in the hand is worth…?

One of the joys of a scattershot approach to buying games is picking something up for as flimsy a reason as recognising the artist responsible for an eye-catching front cover, or stumbling across a favourite developer out in the wilds of an unexpected format with an bizarre concept in tow, or, as with Texthoth Ludo: Arcana … Continue reading A devil in the hand is worth…?

Hyper! Burning Rangers, wow!

Twenty one years ago Burning Rangers took the normally risky business of firefighting and disaster rescue into a visually stunning sentai-esque future, eschewing the standard-issue bulky safety equipment and enormous water-spewing hoses of their Earth-shackled counterparts for personalised skin-tight suits, don't-think-too-hard-about-it sci-fi water pistols, spaceships, and extremely catchy theme songs. These days it's mostly famous for … Continue reading Hyper! Burning Rangers, wow!

Fire Pro Wrestling S: 6Men Scramble

The last time I was vaguely aware of wrestling Saturday morning cartoons were a thing, "We Didn't Start The Fire" would've been on the radio, and... well, let's just say my knowledge of the perennially popular entertainment-sport is a little bit out of date, that's probably the most polite way to put it. B-but I've … Continue reading Fire Pro Wrestling S: 6Men Scramble