“You want STARS? I’ll give you STARS!”

I have played a lot of Resident Evil since the series' debut in 1996: Some I adore, some I quite like, and there's one I can't even bear playing long enough to finish it the once (and no, it's not 6). This third entry has always sat somewhere in the middle for me, never doing anything so … Continue reading “You want STARS? I’ll give you STARS!”


Maverick developer Kenji Eno has a lot to answer for: He's the only creator who's ever made me check to see if my potential game purchases included their matching braille instruction sheet and his Saturn-born sci-fi horror Enemy Zero blessed/cursed me with an unreasonably high tolerance for horror-tinged FMV adventures. I love them, I think. … Continue reading NO FEAR

Nightmare fuel for nightmare fuel

Shadow Tower, FromSoftware's 1998 PlayStation exclusive first-person horror die 'em up released long before we collectively "got" the tense dark fantasy themed games they'd been trying sell us since the original King's Field, is referred to by my son as "The staircase game": It's not because you spend a lot of time trudging up and … Continue reading Nightmare fuel for nightmare fuel