Die Report Disaster Hard: The Game

"Like casting pearls before swine" is often an appropriate phrase to use when talking about the general games-buying public, with Beautiful but Unusual One-Off frequently outsold a thousand to one by Drivey Dude Shoots Again IX: Drive Dude-ier. These people are entirely to blame when magical voyages of pure wonder go unbought - if only … Continue reading Die Report Disaster Hard: The Game


There's been a terrible accident and you, dear gamer, are now stuck on a dangerous planet that's completely devoid of sentient life playing as a moody teenage boy with nothing but a boost-equipped science-y glider and an AI voice for company - it's not the most enticing elevator pitch you've ever read, is it? But … Continue reading Lost. In. SPAAAAAAAACCCCEEEEEEEE!

Galaxy Angel 2: Eigou Kaiki no Toki

How do you solve a problem like Galaxy Angel 2? Players looking to start this final installment will have already endured a male lead who has "developed" from Beigey McBeigerson to outright unlikeable, a selection of ladies who only manage to show brief glimmers of what could have been if they hadn't been saddled with … Continue reading Galaxy Angel 2: Eigou Kaiki no Toki

Galaxy Angel II: Zettai Ryōiki no Tobira

Galaxy Angel II is a 2006 Playstation exclusive released as part of a whirlwind of sequelly-branded manga/light novels/anime, no doubt intended to kick off another financially viable series of spacefaring adventures with One Plain-ish Guy (that's you!) and a clutch of romantically-inclined ladies for him to date. You may think that having a game titled … Continue reading Galaxy Angel II: Zettai Ryōiki no Tobira