Butt kicking for goodness!

I've been a bit under the weather recently, which means that amongst other things my gaming preferences have temporarily shifted from my usual fare - probably involving intense action whack-'em-ups or diving head-first into weird obscurities that occasionally require a serious amount of effort just to get the damned things running - to games that … Continue reading Butt kicking for goodness!

The mystery of Atlantis

Stories usually describe the legendary city of Atlantis as a wondrous place - imagine a fantasy version of ancient Greece but with more ornate fountains, fish, and the casual use of technology so advanced it easily blurs into the magical and you're halfway to writing your own tale already. Whatever take you read on the … Continue reading The mystery of Atlantis

Realms of the Haunting

Let's start with something home-grown for spooky month, a game from the same UK studio that brought us Amiga classics like Switchblade, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, the basically perfect K240 (fight me), as well as the nineties mascot bandwagonner [shudder] Zool. The point of time we're looking at today is either very late in 1996 or … Continue reading Realms of the Haunting


I loathe side quests with a fiery passion. They're the complimentary breadsticks of game design, the freewheeling exercise bike designed to keep you busy going nowhere, the weird no-budget local adverts they play in cinemas before the lights dim and trailers start. They're... they're... They're a waste of bloody time. MMO's - that's your World … Continue reading MMO NPCs are A-OK in FFXI