Déjà vu with Frane II

[I'm sorry I know it's a flippant title but it's staying and I'm not wrong, so there.] To a Westerner, Falcom's Ys (say "Geese" without the "G"), released so long ago it pre-dates the original Final Fantasy and is only just a smidge younger than official JRPG kicker-offer Dragon Quest has only relatively recently gone from "Oh, you … Continue reading Déjà vu with Frane II


Gu Jian Qi Tan 3

The bad old days of "Oh, you mean like that bootleg NES Final Fantasy VII?" whenever you mention Chinese and Taiwanese games aren't quite behind us yet but things are looking brighter than they've ever been thanks to Softstar's very welcome albeit unexpected push into foreign publishing with Sword and Fairy 6, Empire of Angels IV, … Continue reading Gu Jian Qi Tan 3

Returning to Phantasy Star Online 2

Seven years feels like an eternity in online gaming land but that's about how long Phantasy Star Online 2's been around now, quietly outlasting any official version of the legendary Dreamcast-led original you can think of. I can happily report that it's not merely still alive but thriving - regularly receiving sizeable updates, brand-new content, … Continue reading Returning to Phantasy Star Online 2

Farland Odyssey

If you take a quick glance at the screenshots on this page of TGL's 1999 PC exclusive spin-off of their long-running Farland Story/Saga series(s) of SRPGs you could easily be forgiven for thinking that by the time Farland Odyssey came along they'd abandoned all pretence of internal creativity and gone down the dark road of Ys-y knockoff-dom instead, red-haired hero … Continue reading Farland Odyssey

Kimimi, Digital Explorer: Shadowrun Chronicles Edition

It's entirely coincidental, I swear. I'm not some internet Reaper here to cull online games that weren't able to reach their full potential. But just as the last online game I looked at - Wildstar - is due to close by the end of the month it turns out Cliffhanger Productions online Shadowrun adventure is too. Now … Continue reading Kimimi, Digital Explorer: Shadowrun Chronicles Edition