Seme Com Dungeon Drururuaga

Namco's Druaga is one of those series a lot of players will recognise the name of without having necessarily played any of them, and those that do dare to get a little closer tend to not stick around for long: The earlier games are notoriously vague and unfriendly in that particularly eighties sort of way, … Continue reading Seme Com Dungeon Drururuaga

Sakura Taisen GB: Geki Hanagumi Nyuutai!

Seeing Sega games on what could be considered rival formats may have been nothing new even as far back as the year 2000, when this Sakura Taisen game released on Nintendo's unstoppable Game Boy Color, Sonic the Hedgehog had an excellent platformer on the Neo Geo Pocket Color, and Sega's own Dreamcast had players worldwide … Continue reading Sakura Taisen GB: Geki Hanagumi Nyuutai!