Lord of Apocalypse

This was something of a later title for the PSP, coming out in 2011 when I and probably everyone else was already all Monster Hunter'd out just from plain old Monster Hunter, making the endless parade of similar games of wildly varying quality that tried their own hand at this popular genre in the five … Continue reading Lord of Apocalypse


Sakura Taisen GB: Geki Hanagumi Nyuutai!

Seeing Sega games on what could be considered rival formats may have been nothing new even as far back as the year 2000, when this Sakura Taisen game released on Nintendo's unstoppable Game Boy Color, Sonic the Hedgehog had an excellent platformer on the Neo Geo Pocket Color, and Sega's own Dreamcast had players worldwide … Continue reading Sakura Taisen GB: Geki Hanagumi Nyuutai!

Farland Odyssey

If you take a quick glance at the screenshots on this page of TGL's 1999 PC exclusive spin-off of their long-running Farland Story/Saga series(s) of SRPGs you could easily be forgiven for thinking that by the time Farland Odyssey came along they'd abandoned all pretence of internal creativity and gone down the dark road of Ys-y knockoff-dom instead, red-haired hero … Continue reading Farland Odyssey