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Purpose: This is a personal blog where I tend to talk about whatever game I’ve been playing recently, or something to do with whatever game I’ve been playing recently. They’ll generally be a bit old and a bit weird, but that’s more just the sort of thing I gravitate towards (being old and weird myself) than an official rule. These aren’t reviews or exhaustive factual pieces, just a few thoughts I’ve cobbled together and committed to internet-ink and should be taken as such (this is code for “Don’t message me saying things like ‘Why didn’t you mention…’ or ‘You said you recommended [Game] but didn’t talk about…’ “).

A reminder: Unless expressly noted otherwise all of the content on this site, including text, screenshots, photographs, and so on has been created and/or captured by myself. Beyond the realms of a reasonable “Hey, look at this!” snippet – with proper credit and a link to the original article included in the same body of text, post, tweet, etc – you may not take anything from here without my permission.

“You can’t stop me!” You might think as you right click on what appears to be a screenshot that can’t be directly traced back to me.

And the answer, of course, is that I can’t.

But I would say that if the time and effort spent capturing these images is so worthless, if curating an impactful selection of screenshots or carefully setting up a beautiful photograph is such an easy thing, then why not do it yourself? And if it turns out that is too much work, then why not acknowledge the care that went into whatever you’re currently admiring and respect the individual that went to the trouble of producing them?

Stealing from original creators; whether that’s reposting someone’s scans because they fit your “aesthetic” Twitter account, passing off somebody’s painstaking research as “My source”, or copying a few screenshots because “Hey, my blog post needs to look pretty too”, feel like victimless crimes. After all, you’re not stopping the original from existing, right? But you are deliberately choosing to channel focus away from the true creators, denying them even the possibility of a simple “Thank you for doing this” from the hundreds or even thousands of eyeballs who only know their work through your lens.

When you’ve spent a significant amount your own money sourcing an item that went out of print thirty years ago on the opposite side of the planet or have spent weeks playing, replaying, and cross-referencing with that expensive guidebook you bought just to make sure your information’s accurate, seeing it re-used in this way is utterly soul crushing. It’s enough to make you pack it all in and not bother next time, because Some Big Website is only going to steal your cool art for the header of their next big article or @RAER_GAMEZ_ART_ will have a copy of your work out to 30,000 followers before you even get half a dozen retweets yourself.

This has happened. This does happen. And yes, this will keep happening. Right up to the point the last creator packs it all in and the internet is left screaming “You have all this stuff I want to see, why won’t you share it?!” to itself.

(This rant brought to you by “Seeing a friend’s hard work stolen -again-” and “That feeling when you find your work reposted wholesale without a link on a forum somewhere”)