Madou Monogatari I (Game Gear)

Madou Monogatari I, the first game in the series that would go on to spawn the eternally popular Puyo Puyo series, is harder than you'd think to pin down; every version is different from the last, including the ones that are supposed to be more straightforward ports than all-out remakes. Almost thirty years have passed … Continue reading Madou Monogatari I (Game Gear)


Don’t forget the PSP!

Its's 2019 and the PSP's long dead and buried - if it ever truly lived - just another pretender crushed by Nintendo's unbroken thirty-year grip on handheld gaming. So it might be surprising to learn that PSP wasn't a failure. Gaming's handheld graveyard may be filled with the carcasses of Nintendo's rivals but so very few … Continue reading Don’t forget the PSP!

Fire Pro Wrestling S: 6Men Scramble

The last time I was vaguely aware of wrestling Saturday morning cartoons were a thing, "We Didn't Start The Fire" would've been on the radio, and... well, let's just say my knowledge of the perennially popular entertainment-sport is a little bit out of date, that's probably the most polite way to put it. B-but I've … Continue reading Fire Pro Wrestling S: 6Men Scramble

QUOVADIS 2: Wakusei Kyoushuu Ovan Rei

Who can resist 90's style sci-fi tactical action stuffed with fantastic FMV sequences, cool mech battles, character designs by Haruhiko Mikimoto (Macross, Gunbuster) and mechanical designs by Kazumi Fujita (Zeta Gundam)? Not me, that's for sure. And that's why I bought Quovadis 2 many, many, years ago. Probably. But until the other week I'd never played it, … Continue reading QUOVADIS 2: Wakusei Kyoushuu Ovan Rei