This 1992 Japan-exclusive Game Boy game has to win the award for the most unhelpful and unsearchable title ever so if you're the one person who's somehow found this blog post in years to come: Hello! I hope your dystopian future is more the cool cyberpunk sort than the "Everyone works for Amazon" kind. Before … Continue reading X


Rent A Hero

Being a hero is a universally appealing concept: Who wouldn't want to be super strong, save the day, and know they're the coolest person in the room? Which makes Rent A Hero's decision to turn all of your comic-based fantasies on their head feel more than a little disorienting: Your crime-fighting suit's an accidental rental, your powers … Continue reading Rent A Hero

QUOVADIS 2: Wakusei Kyoushuu Ovan Rei

Who can resist 90's style sci-fi tactical action stuffed with fantastic FMV sequences, cool mech battles, character designs by Haruhiko Mikimoto (Macross, Gunbuster) and mechanical designs by Kazumi Fujita (Zeta Gundam)? Not me, that's for sure. And that's why I bought Quovadis 2 many, many, years ago. Probably. But until the other week I'd never played it, … Continue reading QUOVADIS 2: Wakusei Kyoushuu Ovan Rei