Evolution: Eternal Dungeons

I remember first picking this up back in that almost surreal period when Neo Geo Pocket games were just those weird not-Game Boy games on store shelves instead of the ridiculously expensive collectibles they've sadly become (oh how I wish I'd bought Cotton!) and the Dreamcast was a shining beacon of modem-equipped hope: I had … Continue reading Evolution: Eternal Dungeons


Onore no Shinzuru Michi wo Yuke

As hard as it may be to believe, there was once a time when From Software published all sorts of strange and wonderful games that didn't have "Souls" in the title; these games may have on the whole sold next to nothing and were rarely localised but even so a lot of them were genuinely … Continue reading Onore no Shinzuru Michi wo Yuke

Staying safe(ish) in Raccoon City

Resident Evil 2's long-awaited remake is due out soon, the brief demo and tantalising tweets giving every indication that the team behind it are (praise the sun) attempting to do a true-to-the-original reimagining of the Raccoon City incident rather than lazily shoving Leon and Claire shapes into a quick respray of Resident Evil 6, 7, … Continue reading Staying safe(ish) in Raccoon City

Shuyaku Sentai Irem Fighter

You could be forgiven for thinking that the company crossover game is a rite of passage for any esteemed software house, history's littered with them: Konami's Parodius, Sega's Fighters Megamix, Nintendo's evergreen Smash Bros. series, the self explanatory Namco Super Wars, Capcom vs SNK, SNK vs Capcom, and every other imaginable permutation of the above. … Continue reading Shuyaku Sentai Irem Fighter

Alisia Dragoon

Alisia Dragoon falls into an awkward part of collective gaming memory, being one of those games with the peculiar invisibility that comes from being available everywhere (immediately losing that import-only allure) and by nobody whose name will earn you any of those all-important nerd points. Gainax's involvement is really more of a "Ah, that's interesting." footnote, Mecano Associates may have … Continue reading Alisia Dragoon