Can’t say goodbye to yesterday

There can be no talk of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty without first acknowledging the runaway success of the 1998 title that spawned it, a PlayStation game so unbelievably popular it sold over six million copies worldwide, inspiring a broad selection of pretenders to the stealth-action throne in the years that followed and … Continue reading Can’t say goodbye to yesterday

OF-1 Daedalus, GO!

Another day, another game set in the now scarily not-so-futuristic year of 20XX. Irem's Image Fight made its tate-orientated arcade debut back in 1988 with its first no-TV-tilting-required home counterparts arriving two years later, turning up on everything from the unstoppable NES and the wonderfully dinky PC Engine to the highest high-end Japanese computers of … Continue reading OF-1 Daedalus, GO!

It’s tea time!

Why Java Tea? Why would anyone think to associate Sega's big-headed and incredibly cute Saturn/ST-V fighting game Virtua Fighter Kids with a particular brand of soft drink? Well, why not? Games have a long and varied history of willingly collaborating with commercial consumables, from Chester Cheetah's 16-bit outings to the supposed Sonic-beating "interstellar cosmic dweller" … Continue reading It’s tea time!