Tenjin Kaisen

I first heard about this (under its international name, Mercenary Force) when I was just a wee little Kimi-mite in one of those old review/cheat compilation books you used to get - you know the sort, surely - it would have been printed on a hundred pages of paper so cheap you'd have been disappointed … Continue reading Tenjin Kaisen


Now I’m motivated!

  The climax of Devil May Cry's magnificent return to form is nothing less than an epic clash of fantastic characters bearing the faces of literal models motion-captured and voiced by honest-to-goodness ex-Power Rangers, all set to what could only be described as the boppiest bop your ears will ever hear, like a beautiful dream … Continue reading Now I’m motivated!

Sega Ages: Virtua Racing

Nineteen ninety-two. Kirby's Dream Land and Alone in the Dark were brand new and completely unknown games, Zool (that Chupa-Chup hawking Ninja of the Nth Dimension) was parading around like the Amiga had found an answer to Sonic the Hedgehog, Alisia Dragoon left a very positive impression on a young Kimimi, and... Virtua Racing heralded the dawn of a new … Continue reading Sega Ages: Virtua Racing