Die Report Disaster Hard: The Game

"Like casting pearls before swine" is often an appropriate phrase to use when talking about the general games-buying public, with Beautiful but Unusual One-Off frequently outsold a thousand to one by Drivey Dude Shoots Again IX: Drive Dude-ier. These people are entirely to blame when magical voyages of pure wonder go unbought - if only … Continue reading Die Report Disaster Hard: The Game

Dancing May Cry

Hey, tank controls! I know those! And having to choose between moving and shooting? That's just like most of my favourite Resident Evils (and the other one)! Just one question: How the heck do you make a good action game starring a slinky mercenary when you're using a control scheme that, fundamentally, isn't all that … Continue reading Dancing May Cry

Give peace a chance (even in action games)

It's not all that unusual for those important first sequels in an older series to go off in strange and unexpected directions, unceremoniously dumping previously unshakeable core rules while simultaneously shifting their focus towards something else entirely without even considering what such a huge change would feel like to those who enjoyed the original outing: … Continue reading Give peace a chance (even in action games)