An unforgettable adventure

[A short note before we start: At the time of writing Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is roughly seventeen years old and I feel fair game to discuss freely without dancing around any particular themes or plot points... however it's also just a few weeks away from receiving a HD "remaster" (try not to mind the … Continue reading An unforgettable adventure

Portable 3rd time lucky

My twelve year old son is spending a good chunk of his summer holiday playing Monster Hunter World and frankly, I'm jealous. It's pretty, it's exciting, and he's making everything I've struggled with since 2004 look so darned easy. I want another go... I think. But not on that one - I can do without … Continue reading Portable 3rd time lucky

High fantasy and low expectations

1997 first-person dungeon crawler Boundary Gate: Daughter of Kingdom was briefly a PC-FX exclusive... until a PlayStation port showed up on Japanese shop shelves a few short months later, presumably because Pack-In-Soft needed the game to sell to a userbase larger than the programming team that created it to turn a profit. Just so you're … Continue reading High fantasy and low expectations

The world revolves around Ares

Brandish 2 continues the noble Falcom tradition of having their brave heroes fall flat on their faces in unfortunate circumstances as the only flimsy excuse needed to drag them into another adventure. The first game's distinctive "world-turning" system makes a functionally identical comeback here (as do many other features), which means our protagonist Ares always … Continue reading The world revolves around Ares