Someday, thou may recall this island…

"It was all a dream!" is usually the time-wasting rug-pull found at the unsatisfying end of a poor story, a twist designed to lazily excuse a tale that's gone off the rails or allow a writer to scratch a "what if" itch without causing any permanent damage to an established setting. The Legend of Zelda: … Continue reading Someday, thou may recall this island…

When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not.

This game is really special to me - which is a little odd, seeing as I've spent more time playing it in the past week than I have at any other point in the previous twenty-eight years. To me Star Wars Arcade sits at the very heart of my arcade gaming experience, stirring up fond … Continue reading When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not.

That is not groovy

If there's one thing that's always the same in every Resident Evil game, it's change. Capcom's survival horror series has proven time and time again it is prepared to try absolutely anything, from intensely terrifying single player horror to co-op combo-scoring action, and whether these attempts have ended up being resounding successes or well-intentioned cock-ups … Continue reading That is not groovy

Kimimi’s Social Rehabilitation: Part 2

I was determined after the accidental skeleton-rattling therapy session that was my time with Tokimeki Memorial: Girls Side Premium Third Story this time around my Konami dating experience was just going to be fun - not a resounding success of perfectly picked perks and a queue of loved-up girls waiting outside my classroom door, nor … Continue reading Kimimi’s Social Rehabilitation: Part 2

The most powerful laser gun… IN THE UNIVERSE!

I've always been quietly fascinated by Zillion: Unmistakably eighties sci-fi anime anything is like catnip to me and a chance purchase the Zillion: Let it Rock! album - all massive synths and OVA credit roll vocals - decades late only confirmed that I'd wasted a lot of time missing out on something I was sure … Continue reading The most powerful laser gun… IN THE UNIVERSE!